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We have just released MagiCAD 2021 UR-2.1 patch, which resolves the following issues in MagiCAD for AutoCAD 2021 UR-2.

MagiCAD for AutoCAD – Fixed issues

Running indexes added in earlier versions were not recognized in MagiCAD 2021 UR-2

[Ventilation, Piping, Sprinkler]

Running indexes for ventilation, piping and sprinkler systems that were added to drawings using earlier versions of MagiCAD were not recognized when the project was opened in MagiCAD 2021 UR-2. The previously created running indexes were not visible in the software and could not be edited. This has now been fixed.

Power value was not shown in Zone valve dimension texts

[Ventilation, Piping, Sprinkler]

The Power value was not shown in Zone valve dimension texts. This has now been fixed and the value is correctly updated to the valves and visible in the dimension texts:



Create similar function was not available in dimension texts

[Ventilation, Piping, Sprinkler]

The Create similar function was unavailable when a dimension text was selected. This has now been fixed and the option is available again in dimension texts:


You can download the installation package either using the Check for Updates functionality integrated in MagiCAD, or alternatively, from the MagiCAD Download Portal at

The installation process is easy. MagiCAD Installation Wizard will guide you through the installation process.

If you experience any problems during installation of the release, please contact our support: