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MagiCAD 2023 for Revit and AutoCAD introduces powerful new features that help you improve the speed, efficiency and quality of MEP design work. View the video below to discover the feature highlights in our latest software version.

In the video:

Cable tray filling ratios and cable layouts | MagiCAD 2023 for Revit
New cable layout objects allow you to evaluate cable tray filling ratios and cable layouts, plan the use of separation plates and to reserve space in cable trays when needed.

Thermostatic mixing valves | MagiCAD 2023 for AutoCAD 
Thermostatic mixing valves are used in domestic water networks for mixing cold and hot water in order to ensure a safe water temperature. They are now available as a new product category allowing you to model an entire domestic water network in detail from the boiler to the last shower head.

Generic manholes | MagiCAD 2023 for AutoCAD 
Generic manholes allow you to easily create customized manholes to match the specific needs of different drainage networks.


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