MagiCAD 2024.1 service release


MagiCAD Group

We have released MagiCAD 2024.1 patch, which resolves the following issues in MagiCAD Electrical in MagiCAD 2024 for AutoCAD.

MagiCAD for AutoCAD – Fixed issues

Cable packet connections lost when connecting to main cable packet

When connecting two cable packets, the cables of the connecting cable packet were not added to the total number of cables in the main cable packet properties. The cables were only added to the total after the connecting cable packet was moved or stretched.

This issue has been fixed in MagiCAD 2024.1. and the cables of connecting cable packets are added correctly to the main cable packet.

Total length of cables not counted correctly for parallel cables

The ‘Total length of similar’ attribute for electrical cables in Bill of Materials reports showed incorrect information. The total length displayed the length for a single instance of the cable and not the total for all instances.

This issue has been fixed in MagiCAD 2024.1.


You can download the installation package either using the Check for Updates functionality integrated in MagiCAD, or alternatively, from the MagiCAD Download Portal.