MagiCAD for AutoCAD 2022 UR-2.1 service release


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MagiCAD for AutoCAD – Fixed issues

Color selection did not work properly in IFC export in MagiCAD Electrical

The color selection for exported IFC files in MagiCAD Electrical did not work properly. If the 3D color in layer settings was set to By layer or By model, all system elements in the IFC model ended up colorless.

This has been fixed in MagiCAD 2022 UR-2.1. If the 3D color is set to By model, then the layer color is used:



Symbol not shown for rectangular ducts drawn vertically downwards

The symbol for a downwards connection was not shown in the 2D-view for rectangular ducts that were drawn vertically downwards.

This has been fixed in MagiCAD 2022 UR-2.1 and the symbol is displayed correctly.

Issues with the drainage pipe drawing dialog

If users changed a setting in the drainage drawing dialog during drawing, such as the drawing direction, the change was not updated to the drawing function itself and it continued with the original settings.

This caused issues with mistaken drawing settings. For example, if users started to draw a riser pipe downwards and then changed the drawing direction to Upward in order to continue from the top of the riser, the function would attempt to continue drawing downwards resulting in an error.

In the image above, the drawing settings should enable drawing from the top of the riser, but because the drawing direction has previously been set to Downward, the function fails.

This has been fixed in MagiCAD 2022 UR-2.1 and changes to the drawing settings are properly updated to the function.