MagiCAD Group at 40: In the words of our MagiMakers, part 2


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Over the last 40 years, each one of our employees has left their mark on our company’s history and their contributions make us the company we are today. Meet five unique MagiMakers, some of whom have been here from the early years and others who are only at the beginning of their journey.

In the second part of our anniversary series, we will hear more stories from our five MagiMakers, including some of their career highlights at MagiCAD Group.

Remember to come back next week for the final part of our series where we will hear stories from the career of MagiCAD Group’s founder, Mauri Susilahti.

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How was working at MagiCAD different then versus now?

Pertti Pavela, Product Development Engineer, MagiMaker since 1985:

Obviously, the company has developed a lot since the early days. In the beginning, we operated from a small studio apartment with only a few computers and data was transmitted over cables. Our founder, Mauri Susilahti, always had a forward-thinking attitude which was key to the growth of the company. He was able to foresee the markets and his inventive ideas enabled us to stay ahead of time. Overall, in the beginning, 3D was seen as difficult in the industry, but we were still able to push our first modelling programs through in 3D.

Johan Sörensson, Product Manager, MagiMaker since 2002:

At the start of my MagiMaker career, the company was still much smaller than nowadays. This made the company atmosphere feel family-like as everyone knew what others were doing and whom to ask for help when needed. Back then, the Swedish company name was still CADCOM AB and in Finland, Progman Oy.

Riitta Korri, Director, Manufacturer Business Unit, MagiMaker since 2003:

The scope of individual employee’s work was in many cases wider than today, and one person had many responsibility areas for example, sales, production, and invoicing. Nowadays we have more specialized roles. Moreover, as we were all at the same small office, information sharing was easier, but on the other hand, we had no structured organisations or processes in place like we do today.

Ruggero Valsecchi, Area Manager, Italy, MagiMaker since 2007:

Being a company of 50 people, roles and responsibilities were not so well defined or specified. Ultimately, we all reported to Mauri, who was “steering the boat” to the best of his abilities. Telecoms were pretty rare and, for example, weekly meetings were held for a long while in Rauma, where the headquarters were at that time. Back then, I sat countless times on the Monday bus between Turku and Rauma with Julia Vaskova (Sales Manager). Likewise, colleagues from abroad flew to Finland for all the important meetings. We had pretty basic IT tools in use, with Excel replacing many of them. Already in those days, we felt that we were on an important mission to transform the construction industry.

Adam Oelschläger, Sales Engineer, MagiMaker since 2023:

In my short time at MagiCAD Group, I can already see that the company is constantly evolving and trying to get better. Even in the last months, many changes have taken place and I like the dynamic environment of the company.

What has been the highlight of your career at MagiCAD?

Pertti: I would say the 90s and start of 2000s as we still had diverse tasks and responsibilities. I held trainings and met with customers which was also a way of keeping up with what was going on in the industry and the world. In addition, I enjoyed that my role included coding and more frequent communication with customers overall.

Johan: The joy of working with good people and having common goals. Also, meeting a lot of interesting and kind people as well as all the nice happenings and memories that we have made together.

Riitta: I don’t have one specific highlight but being part of long-lasting projects (software and modelling) and sales negotiations and seeing them end successfully has always been very energizing.

Ruggero: I started as a sales representative in 2007 and somewhere in 2008 we hired more people and I became a sales manager, without much preparation. Well, there was no HR/P&C team available either. The perks of my job back then were business trips: I had the chance to travel to most European countries and in the Middle East. Furthermore, during my second round as a MagiMaker since 2013 it has been exciting to help shape our manufacturer business, among other things and participate in the launch of MagiCAD Cloud. Finally, after some 10 years in the company, I have been able to start doing business with my own country, Italy. The company also gave me the opportunity to relocate to Italy for one year in 2017 to get things running. Now it is really rewarding to see our success over there, thanks to a great product and our great team!

Adam: In general, I enjoy working at MagiCAD Group as people are very helpful and you really feel appreciated and welcomed. One of the highlights for me as a salesperson was the signing of a completely new customer for the company within my probation time. Another highlight would be the 40-year anniversary event we had in May as it was really fantastic to meet with all our MagiMakers.

Is there something that has surprised you over the years?

Pertti: Looking back, it has been rather surprising how we have been able to grow from a small business to a large company and gain a good market position.

Johan: It has been positively surprising that I’m still here and enjoying it as I originally didn’t think I would be at MagiCAD Group for this long.

Riitta: Can’t say it was surprising over the years, but when looking back, I can now see that we were incredibly open-minded both related to people and technologies already 20 years ago. It wasn’t too common for a small Finnish software company to be as multicultural as we were.

Ruggero: I would say, only positive surprises. First, when Mauri announced that the company was sold to Glodon, back in 2015. Second, when Ina and Pauli (Ina Keinonen, Sales Manager and Pauli Keinonen, Director, IRD) announced that they were engaged. Ina was in my team at the time, and I did not see it coming at all! After a total of 15 years at MagiCAD it is great to see how ever-evolving things are here. This keeps me motivated and excited for what is coming next.

Adam: Maybe not a surprise but I like the professional approach of the company and at the same time how it has never lost its “family business” spirit. It is a great mixture of having a good time while, at the same time, obviously never losing focus on the goals and trying to achieve them.

We want to give a big thank you to Pertti, Johan, Riitta, Ruggero, and Adam for sharing your stories with us!