MagiCAD supports Pink month to raise awareness about breast cancer


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Every year, 1 out of 8 women and some men, are diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer does not only affect the person diagnosed, it  also effects their colleagues, friends, and family. Even though the survival from breast cancer nowadays is high, the treatment itself is long and severe. With the help of research, we might be able to stop cancer once and for all. We might be able to have more survivors.

We are very happy and proud to inform that this year we are supporting the Cancer Foundation and their pink breast cancer awareness campaign. We have donated a contribution to their collection to increase the scientists’ chances to discover new revolutionary breakthroughs that can save many lives. We have also chosen to color the MagiCAD logo pink to raise awareness and spread the word about October as the official breast cancer awareness month.

We encourage other people and companies to support this campaign –  together we can make a difference!