MagiCAD supports the campaign against prostate cancer


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Prostate cancer is the second most commonly occurring cancer in men and the fourth most commonly occurring cancer overall. Globally, there were 1.3 million new cases in 2018 alone. Even though prostate cancer is so common, there is still not enough talk about it. This is the reason why are participating in the Mustache campaign. We want to raise awareness and play our role in getting the message across about regular checks that contribute to higher survival and recovery rates. We are also hopeful that the research about prostate cancer will reach new breakthroughs so that we one day we can beat prostate cancer for good.

The Mustache campaign intends to bring awareness about prostate cancer, how it effect men’s life and how common the disease is. And also to collect money to the prostate researchers and their essential work.

This year MagiCAD is supporting the Mustache campaign, in order to raise awareness about prostate cancer, the most common disease among men over 70. We have donated an amount of money, to support the research that focuses on prostate cancer. We hope others will do the same and support the Mustache campaign as well.