BIM Object Creation and MagiCAD Cloud

BIM Object Creation and MagiCAD Cloud

Precision BIM object creation where technical data matters

High quality BIM objects 

In BIM object creation, having lightweight BIM objects with varying levels of detail (LOD) is a fundamental requirement. The true intelligence within BIM objects lies in their technical data. Our high-quality BIM objects empower designers to perform integrated engineering calculations for MEP systems. We understand their essential requirements and guarantee that your BIM objects meet the specific criteria to ensure accuracy, usability, and reliability within a BIM environment.

Reach Revit users worldwide

Our high-quality BIM objects are thoughtfully created for compatibility with popular BIM software platforms like Revit. The Revit families we offer on MagiCAD Cloud are accessible to standard Revit users worldwide. We take pride in keeping your Revit families up-to-date and in sync with the latest Revit versions. MagiCAD Connect seamlessly integrates your BIM objects to Revit, and we can also provide Revit plugins to connect your selection tools to the design software.

One BIM object – multiple use cases

The beauty of the objects created by MagiCAD Group is that they can be utilized in multiple ways. They work seamlessly across various software like MagiCAD for AutoCAD, MagiCAD for Revit, and MagiCAD for BricsCAD, and function perfectly in standard CAD platforms like AutoCAD, BricsCAD, and Revit. The objects can also be used in manufacturer selection software, which can either be supplied by MagiCAD Group or third-party provider. Only imagination is the limitation.

Value of MagiCAD ecosystem

Decades of experience in MEP

In today’s landscape, creating high-quality MEP BIM objects demands industry expertise. These BIM objects must function seamlessly within various design software, which frequently release updated versions. With decades of experience, we are well-equipped to meet this challenge.

Growing network of MagiCAD users worldwide

MagiCAD is the number one BIM solution for MEP design used by thousands of designer and contractor companies in over 80 countries worldwide. Your products in MagiCAD Cloud are immediately available for the growing network of MagiCAD users worldwide.

We act as the bridge between MEP manufacturers and designers

As the provider of the leading MEP design software, we act as the bridge between MEP manufacturers and designers. We possess an in-depth understanding of designers’ requirements and can assist you in supporting them in the most effective manner.

Your one-stop-shop software solutions provider

When BIM object creation is not enough, we make product configurators for complex products and plugins for connecting your own selection and sizing tools seamlessly into MEP design software. Think of us as your dedicated MEP software solutions provider.

Our services related to MagiCAD Cloud

Premium Analytics

Premium Analytics

Premium Analytics provides insights to understand products usage within the MagiCAD ecosystem. Access data by channel, platform, and country. Would you like to know which MEP design company is using your BIM objects in their designs?

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Branded Pages - BIM Platform for MEP Products

Branded Pages

Do you need a BIM platform to market your MEP products? Branded Pages in MagiCAD Cloud are a personalized way of showing manufacturer’s own products in a functional online catalogue that is easy to share.

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BIM Object Creation and MagiCAD Cloud

MagiCAD Cloud

MagiCAD Cloud provides MEP professionals access to a wide range of BIM objects and product data. MagiCAD Cloud helps manufacturers to stay at the forefront of the industry by simplifying product data management and distribution.

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MagiCAD Cloud Maintenance takes your BIM objects to MagiCAD Cloud. It grants you access to the Manufacturer Hub for analytics and the ability to manage your content. It ensures automatic support for the latest design software versions for your BIM objects.


Widgets offer the possibility to integrate your MagiCAD Cloud content to your own web pages with your own style. With widget, your customers can access your high-quality BIM objects seamlessly through your web pages.

Connectivity to PIM

MagiCAD Cloud can be connected with your Product Information Management (PIM) system. This allows your BIM object library in MagiCAD Cloud to be automatically updated with product data from your PIM system.

Access your BIM objects

MagiCAD Cloud

MagiCAD Cloud is the world’s leading BIM object library for promoting MEP products. It is the perfect platform to deliver your BIM object families as well as customized objects created with configuration tools to MEP designers globally.

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MagiCAD Cloud Manufacturer Hub

Are you looking for insights into the usage of your products in MagiCAD ecosystem and Revit? The MagiCAD Cloud Manufacturer Hub is your access point to all analytics and the place to see your active services and products and manage their content.

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MagiCAD Access Management

MagiCAD Access Management enables you to manage your company’s user rights and roles within MagiCAD Cloud services and Manufacturer Hub. For support, please go to our Resources and Support page.

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