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Medins Ventilation, based in Falköping, Sweden, provides a comprehensive range of HVAC services, including design, installation and maintenance. They use MagiCAD Ventilation for AutoCAD for HVAC design in both small and large projects. Jonas Bromander is an HVAC designer and project manager at Medin’s Ventilation. He recently shared his experiences about the benefits of keeping design work in-house with the help of MagiCAD.

The advantages of in-house design

“The biggest advantage to keeping the design work in-house is that I am drawing directly for the people doing the actual installations. I receive immediate feedback and can make changes to the drawings according to their input. We have very short lines of communication and are able to detect issues quickly. I am now involved in the project throughout the process, whereas if we had outsourced the design work we would simply receive a finished drawing and making revisions would be much harder”, says Jonas.

Benefits of MagiCAD Ventilation

Jonas has been very pleased with MagiCAD Ventilation overall and agreed to list some of his favorite features and their benefits:

  • Designers have easy access to an overview of the whole system and see the entire design in 3D.
  • MagiCAD makes it easy to review projects that include multiple disciplines, such as electricity, pipes, and ventilation, because it allows you to connect drawings from different partners into a single project. Additionally, clash detection allows you locate and correct collisions between the various systems at an early stage. These project reviews are most often performed by the architect or project manager.
  • Another useful feature for us has been the Bill of Materials, which automatically produces a list of all the components in the drawing. The list can then be used when ordering materials.
  • The text function allows you to automatically include component names in print-outs of drawings. This feature saves time and reduces the chance for mistakes, as the designer does not need to enter the texts manually.
  • The advanced calculation features allow for automatic calculation of pressure drops in ventilation systems. This is very useful, for example, when defining and ordering air handling units.

Current projects

Jonas Bromander is currently designing the ventilation system for Lindströms bil, a new car dealership in Falköping.


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