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During the past summer of 2023, our amazing trainees were here to learn and support our different teams in their daily tasks and challenges. Let’s meet them to discover their summer’s highlights, experiences, and learnings at MagiCAD Group.

Michalis, studying ICT robotics and autonomous systems, has been a trainee in the IT team

Michalis’ main responsibilities have included customer relationship management (CRM) development, IT operations development, and IT support. He describes his learning experience:

Generally, my knowledge regarding CRM Dynamics 365 and all IT Operations within the company has enhanced in knowing how things are running, with some Power Automate, Powershell and Javascript skills have also increased. It has been a great experience working here with lots of knowledge acquired from the business side of how things work, as well as all security and developments needed in the IT sector of the company.

Michalis has also been able to complete his thesis at MagiCAD Group which he sees as the highlight of his traineeship. Alongside his thesis, he has enjoyed working with his colleagues from whom he learned lots of new things: “If it occurs to me to open my own firm one day, the tons of knowledge acquired from both development and IT Security will be valuable to know in the future.

In the future, Michalis aims to work in the vehicle industry.

Matilda studies finance at Turku School of Economics and has been a part of MagiCAD Group’s finance team during the summer

This summer was Matilda’s second at MagiCAD Group. Last autumn she also worked as a substitute in the finance team. During this year’s traineeship, her main responsibilities have revolved around invoicing and related tasks, handling invoice collection process and checking travel claims, as well as occasionally assisting with accounts payables.

I have gotten familiar with a variety of different processes and tasks within the finance team, and simultaneously that has introduced me to a diverse range of problems, questions and situations that require solving. It has been a great, but challenging, learning experience.
Matilda summarises that the best thing about her traineeship at MagiCAD Group has been the people: “Everyone is so welcoming and ready to help in case I have ever had a question.

Moreover, her biggest accomplishment has been noticing that she can manage on her own. Although there are still cases, she is not yet able to handle completely by herself, she states that it has been rewarding to notice that she is increasingly more confident in solving problems independently.

In the future, Matilda wishes to leverage her understanding of finance-related processes and systems to which she has already gained a head start at MagiCAD Group. She values gaining practical knowledge beyond studying theory through her studies in financial accounting and auditing. After the trainee period, Matilda will continue in her fifth year of studies and start working on her master’s thesis.

My goal is to hopefully graduate within a year, and then see where life takes me. My trainee period here has been so great and that is thanks to all the wonderful MagiMakers!

We are also happy to announce that Matilda continues her MagiMaker journey alongside her studies during the autumn!

Luukas studies computer science at Aalto University and has supported our software solutions team that develops the MagiCAD Core software library

I have been working on new features and fixing bugs and had a chance to improve my software development skills in C# and angular. Additionally, I learned a lot about the different parts of the development process of large software projects.

The highlight of Luukas’ trainee period has been getting the chance to develop new features for MagiCAD Core and he states that seeing them become a part of MagiCAD Core has been especially rewarding. Luukas also praises his team:

The best part about working at MagiCAD Group has been my colleagues. My team has been great, and with great team members, it has been quite easy to succeed in my role.

The traineeship at MagiCAD has given Luukas valuable experience as this has been his first proper summer job and he feels that it has been immensely useful for his future career progression.

After the trainee period, Luukas will continue in his third year of studies.

We want to thank all of our talented summer trainees and wish them all the best in their future career endeavours! We are happy to welcome students and recent graduates to our MagiMaker community also in the future.

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