MEP manufacturer event: Get on board with digitalization


MagiCAD Group


MagiCAD Manufacturer Services organizes a live event for MEP manufacturers to untie some knots around digitalization in the construction industry. Get on board with digitalization takes place in Stockholm, Sweden, on October 11-12, 2022.

The MEP manufacturer seminar Get on board with digitalization sets sail at the prestigious Elite Hotel Marina Tower in Stockholm. This stately waterfront hotel in an 1890 mill building hosts a spacious conference room for the first day of the seminar. The location also serves as a good metaphor; many MEP manufacturers have decades of history and knowledge behind them while they need to adapt and take the correct tack in digital transformation.

At the event, speakers from MEP design and manufacturing companies share their views on digitalization in the construction industry. The biggest trend in the construction industry has, for many years, been BIM content creation. But what comes after BIM objects? Digitalization refers to leveraging digital technologies to improve processes. It’s another step forward in digital transformation, switching the attention from BIM objects to collaboration. Digitalization gives manufacturers the possibility to make waves with innovative BIM services.

Greater emphasis on networking

“Face is familiar, have I threatened you before?” asks Captain Jack Sparrow in his polite way of opening conversation. After our previous manufacturer event, we received some feedback about giving a wider berth for networking. The message has been heard and we have trimmed the sails.

In the evening, we will board the brand-new M/S Viking Glory for the second part of our event, on the Baltic Sea. M/S Viking Glory is one of the most climate-smart passenger ships in the world. We will enjoy a 24-hour cruise from Stockholm, Sweden, to Turku, Finland, and back. The ship is loaded with more interesting speakers, a ship tour, and networking.

Early bird catches the suite

Get your ticket for our seminar by August 19, 2022, and you will automatically be participating in our draw for a chance to win a cabin upgrade to a suite on the M/S Viking Glory. All our seminar guests’ cabins are equipped with beautiful sea views and the comfiest beds on the Baltic Sea, but one lucky guest gets the upgrade to the suite. Will it be you? May you have fair winds and following seas!


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