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New brand KJ-MA SYSTEM joins MagiCAD Cloud

We are excited to welcome a new brand, KJ-MA SYSTEM®, to MagiCAD Cloud. KJ-MA SYSTEM® is a high-quality cast iron pipe system for wastewater and rainwater that has been on the market for over 70 years, it all started at Kristiansands Jernstøperi AS back in 1947. In Norway, KJ-MA SYSTEM® is the market-leading drainage system made of cast iron.

Cast iron has been used in drainage pipes for generations and it has proven the material’s good durability through its high strength and ability to resist corrosion over a long period of time. In a modern cast iron drainage system, these properties are still among the most important ones. The material also has high fire resistance, and it can be installed through fire barriers without separate fire protection. It effectively prevents sound from wastewater penetrating the drain. In most cases acoustic insulation is not even needed. Temperature changes have minimal effect on cast iron, which keeps its shape against external influences. Cast iron is environmentally friendly as waste pipes are usually made of recycled scrap iron, and it can also be recycled again after.

KJ-MA SYSTEM’s BIM objects in MagiCAD Cloud include drainage components, pipes, and fittings for MagiCAD for Revit.

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KJ-MA SYSTEM AS has developed and manufactured drainage systems since 1947 with its background in Kristiansands Jernstøperi AS. With this experience and knowledge, they have continuously developed their brand KJ-MA SYSTEM®. Their product range also includes a selection of hand pumps. KJ-MA SYSTEM is owned by GUSTAVSBERG RÖRSYSTEM AB.

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