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An often-overlooked part of MEP design, support and hanger systems complete a building services design and ensure an effective high-quality installation. The MagiCAD Supports & Hangers module enables design of support and hanger systems for ducts, pipes and cable trays. Recent additions to the module further improve the efficiency of creating support and hanger layouts and provide better tools for cooperation between designers and other project participants.

Highlights from recent updates to MagiCAD Supports & Hangers

For a closer look at feature highlights from the past year, see the video below.

A new Automatic integration tool improves design efficiency by allowing you to create automatic support and hanger solutions for multiple elements simultaneously. Simply select the elements to be included and configure the suggested solution if needed. This is particularly useful when the support and hanger solution needs to accommodate multiple different MEP systems.

The Supports & Hangers module also includes a new C-channel structure category with generic C-channel structures. C-channel structures are a widely used solution for MEP systems in Europe and the strut sizes, variants and other alternatives for generic C-channel structures allow designers to design accurate solutions that match the final installation.

New types and instances in various different categories, such as connection variants for routing and different steel shapes improve the accuracy between the model and the on-site installation. In addition, the editing of existing support and hanger designs is easier with the possibility to modify selected parameters for multiple instances simultaneously.

IFC integration enables better cooperation and coordination of support and hanger systems together with other disciplines. You can link an IFC file into Revit and install supports and hangers into the linked file. This allows the supports and hangers to be accounted for when exchanging project files and information between disciplines.