New manufacturer on board – Komfovent air handling units available now in MagiCAD!


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We are happy to welcome a new manufacturer in MagiCAD. Established in 1997, Komfovent is a long-term manufacturer of high-quality air handling units and other components for ventilation systems, such as air ducts and dampers. Komfovent is based in Lithuania and has subsidiaries in Latvia, Finland, Sweden and in Germany. Komfovent products are available in over 30 countries through their wide distribution network.

Recently released MagiCAD Cloud product library from Komfovent includes air handling units which all support the level of detail (LOD) classification enabling designers to choose the preferable detail level in a product model. All of the products are automatically available to MagiCAD users via MagiCAD’s user interface.

Browse Komfovent products in MagiCAD Cloud »

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