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New manufacturer POLOPLAST joins MagiCAD Cloud

We are excited to introduce POLOPLAST and their new extensive product database for all MagiCAD and Revit users. POLOPLAST is a globally recognized leader in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality plastic pipes and fittings for a wide range of applications. With their global presence, POLOPLAST serves a diverse customer base. Their new product database in MagiCAD Cloud is especially useful for one of their most important export markets: the Nordic countries.

In the early 1960s, the plumbing industry witnessed the emergence of a revolutionary advancement in quality in above-ground drainage solutions: the POLO-KAL brand. This marked the genesis of a trajectory that would define the success of the subsequent product series, POLO-KAL NG and POLO-KAL 3S, which made their debut in the 1990s. Pioneering innovation was at the heart of this evolution: the three-layer mineral-reinforced above-ground drainage pipes. These multilayer pipes not only provided exceptional noise insulation but also made the iconic blue color synonymous with the brand.

Today, both POLO-KAL NG and POLO-KAL 3S stand as cornerstones of the plumbing industry. POLO-KAL NG is not only used in noise-insulated above-ground drainage but has also found use in controlled living space ventilation with heat recovery, exhaust gas technology, central vacuum cleaning installations, and most recently, in roof drainage systems. POLO-KAL 3S is perfect for buildings that have higher demands on noise reduction such as hospitals, schools, hotels, and public buildings. In addition, POLO-KAL XS is a slim pipe system that is an ideal solution for prefabricated houses and modular construction.

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POLOPLAST develops and produces high-performance plastic pipe systems for a multitude of applications. More than 65 years of experience developing and perfecting plastic pipe systems have made POLOPLAST a technology leader all over Europe. POLOPLAST has its headquarters in Leonding, Austria, and it is owned by WIG Wietersdorfer Holding GmbH.

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