Highlights from Panel Discussion – Improving Quality in Construction – Is quality free? Does good quality pay for itself?


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It was the ‘World Quality Day’ on 11th November.

To mark the occasion, MagiCAD Construction Solutions organised a panel discussion on the topic ‘Improving quality in construction – What, How and Why’ with a number of industry experts.

The speakers came from diverse backgrounds. And, they provided their views on a number of questions related to the topic.


Eric (Rik) Vere – Commercial Director – Stephenson Group (concrete frame & groundworks contractor)

Michael (Mike) Cornell – Chartered Construction Manager

Melanie Dawson – Director, Origin7 Ltd (BIM & Digital Construction Consultancy)

Thomas (Tom) Young – Director, Construction – MagiCAD Group Ltd (UK)

In the first of the three-part blog series, we will summarise the responses of the panellists to the question – Is quality FREE? Does good quality pay for itself?

Panellists’ responses

Tom shared an interesting insight about the scope of reducing carbon emissions in construction by reducing rework (or improving quality), which can support the fight against climate change. In the process, participants both inside and outside the sector win!

Eric had a slightly different take on the question. His perspective was that ‘bad quality’ could destroy reputations of main contractors and lead to higher costs in the long run.

Melanie quoted the research undertaken by GIRI (1) (Get It Right Initiative), which puts the cost of rework around 5% of the total project outlay. With average profit margins in the range of 3%, the numbers stacked in favour of delivering high quality projects.

Mike acts as a mentor to several mid-size contractors. He would alway emphasise on understanding the client expectations around ‘quality’ first. And, then have conversations with the client to set right expectations around what ‘can’ and ‘cannot’ be delivered.

Make up your own minds whether you agree or disagree with our panellists by watching the video below. And, do not forget to share your views in the comments section.


Watch more videos of the panel discussion here.

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