Daikin Applied Europe chose MagiCAD Group to build Revit plugin for AHU selection software


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Daikin Applied EuropeDaikin Applied Europe chose MagiCAD Group to build Revit plugin for their air handling unit selection software. The Revit add-in application imports air handling units into standalone Revit and MagiCAD for Revit from Daikin ASTRA web application.

Daikin Applied Europe is a technology and sustainability leader in the HVAC industry, aiming to impact society and community positively while pushing the boundaries of the industry, generating new value for both people and the environment, supporting health and comfort.

Keeping faith to this philosophy, Daikin air handling units provide maximum energy efficiency with innovative technologies.

One of MagiCAD Manufacturer Services’ core expertise is to design BIM-ready product configurators and plugins, that we refer to as Manufacturer Apps. The plugin is an easy way to integrate existing selection software to BIM design process. Daikin has an existing AHU selection software called ASTRA, and the plugin was needed to connect it to the designing software.

As the number of designers and architects who decide to work following the BIM procedure is ever increasing, Daikin felt the need to have easy-to-generate BIM models of their AHUs. This task revealed itself as quite complicated to do, as most of Daikin AHUs are tailor made and all different from one another.

Due to the longtime experience in the field, MagiCAD Group was identified as the perfect partner to develop a flexible tool to import Daikin AHU BIM objects easily and quickly, straight out from the existing selection software, ASTRA, into Autodesk Revit.

Revit add-in imports air handling units from Daikin ASTRA

The Daikin ASTRA web application is an AHU selection software, where designers can define few key parameters to select suitable air handling unit for their needs from D-AHU Professional, D-AHU Modular R or D-AHU Modular P series. The Daikin Astra MagiCAD for Revit plugin will obtain technical data and geometry for the air handling unit from Daikin ASTRA application to plain Revit or MagiCAD for Revit. The user has a possibility to connect the air handling unit to the ducts in the designing software, and the technical data for the air connection can be used in MagiCAD calculations.

ASTRA is a web-based application that allows selection and configuration of air handling units from the Daikin AHU range. It features a user-friendly interface and full 3D graphics that make selections easy and quick, from the most standardized units up-to the most customized ones.

Daikin ASTRA

ASTRA web, as well as the other Daikin Applied Europe’s selection software are available at:

Download the new Daikin ASTRA plugin from here

About Daikin Applied Europe

Daikin Applied Europe, formerly McQuay Europa, is part of the Daikin Group since 2006. Founded in 1968, the company has a more than 50 years long history serving businesses and clients in the HVAC industry. Today Daikin Applied Europe manufactures and supplies components for hydronic HVAC systems, serving practically all continents – Europe, Middle East and Africa, Americas, Australia and Asia – employing over 750 people.

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Manufacturer Apps for MEP manufacturers consist of MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tools and Plugins. The MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tools are for quick and easy product configuration with built-in BIM compatibility. The MagiCAD Plugins are for integrating existing configurator tools into BIM design software such as Revit.