Early adopter of BIM – Vexve reaches MEP designers with digitalisation


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Vexve can be considered as early adopter of BIM. Vexve is a leading supplier of valve solutions for district energy and HVAC. The company recognized the growing importance of digitalisation in the early 2000’s. At the time, BIM was still a relatively unknown concept.


Early adopter of BIM

The first Vexve valves were introduced in the MagiCAD product database already in the early 2000’s. At the time, MagiCAD users were already able to design with intelligent modeling features and MEP objects, but BIM wasn’t trending yet. Since then, MagiCAD and Vexve have been working together for over a decade. Vexve’s Product manager Pertti Kulma has seen how design work in building projects has developed and demand for accuracy in manufacturer products has increased.

As designs have become more detailed, the demand for certificates and standards has also been rising. When there is more data available, designers have the possibility to optimize the performance, as well as the energy consumption, of a building. This has, in turn, set some new demands for MEP manufacturers.”

Although the demand for product data and accuracy has increased, the original Vexve products have always been reliable and high in quality. The company has still seen the potential to develop their ball valves. Kulma shares the company’s approach on product development:

“Couple of years ago we launched a new Vexve X -product line for valves with an integrated press-fit connection. Based on the good feedback from the markets we decided to add features of the new product also to existing Vexve products and have now launched the complete X-series. High-quality and reliability are key values for us at Vexve and our product development is steered by thorough market research and customer response.”   

The well-known original Vexve ball valve line, launched in 1975, is now going through a major development. While maintaining the original coupling dimensions of the valves, the new valve series introduces a modernized design with a composite handle and precision control knop, as well as technical features such as a lower operating torque and self-sealing measuring blocks for balancing valves. As environmental aspects are important part of Vexve’s values, the new collection will also help to bring down the carbon footprint.

“We have a long experience of working with MagiCAD Group. The cooperation has always been very straightforward and, as we are now launching the new modernized product line, our new product collection will naturally be available in MagiCAD Cloud.”

Reaching MEP designers with digitalisation

The importance of digitalisation has grown rapidly for MEP manufacturers. BIM projects demand accurate and reliable product data for successful performance. Kulma sees the potential in MagiCAD serving their customer needs:

“For us, it is important that we reach designers in the channels they use and that we are able to deliver the product data in the most efficient way possible. Providing digital twins of our products in MagiCAD is essential, especially for our customers in the Nordic markets. In addition, the need for standard Revit files is growing steadily in our other market areas.”

The early adopter of BIM will continue to benefit from the digitalisation.


About Vexve

Vexve is a leading supplier of valve solutions for district energy, offering their customers a wide range of products and services developed for demanding applications. Vexve’s valve and control products together with hydraulic control solutions are used in district energy networks, power plants and the heating and cooling systems of all sizes of buildings. Vexve is part of Vexve Armatury Group, which is the leading European provider of valve solutions for the energy sector and critical conditions. The group is owned by a long-term oriented active owner and development partner DevCo Partners Oy.