Effortless floor drain selection with Furhoffs’ MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tool


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Furhoffs, a Swedish company, specializes in delivering both standardized and tailored plumbing and interior design solutions, primarily catering to the needs of industrial, public, and commercial buildings. With Furhoffs’ new MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tool, designers can effortlessly select top-quality Furhoffs floor drain products and seamlessly integrate them into MagiCAD for AutoCAD, MagiCAD for Revit, and standalone Revit.

Furhoffs Rostfria is recognized for its expertise in providing innovative solutions in the construction and building industry. Specializing in high-quality floor drain products, the company has established itself as a trusted name in this sector.

The products are produced and marketed under the brand FURO. Stainless steel has numerous advantages when it comes to sustainability. Products made of stainless steel are 100% recyclable after their lifecycle, and the stainless steel used by Furhoffs in their products is largely sourced from recycled steel. The products are designed not just for practicality but also for seamless integration into modern design and construction practices.

Furhoffs has been a loyal customer of MagiCAD Group, dedicated to the advancement of BIM. The company’s products have been available in MagiCAD Cloud as BIM objects that are downloadable in DXF and RFA formats, and MagiCAD Plugin has connected their older online selection tool to MagiCAD and Revit. The company had a need to develop a next generation floor drain configurator and connect that to the design software.

“We recognized the need for a new and improved platform for product configuration. With MagiCAD Manufacturer Services help in developing the new selection tool, our customers find it easier to navigate through Furhoffs products, accessing both fixed and variable sizes effortlessly”, explains Peter Larsson, Product Manager at Furhoffs.

Here’s how Furhoffs’ MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tool works

The Furhoffs’ MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tool integrates floor drain products into MagiCAD for AutoCAD, MagiCAD for Revit, and standalone Revit thus simplifying the design process.

Upon clicking the “Insert Product” command in the design software, the tool opens within the MagiCAD Connect application, offering a user-friendly interface for product selection. Users can easily navigate through product categories or perform searches, refining results with available filters. “Configure product” section allows users to explore configurations, floor and outlet types, and sizing options.

Effortless floor drain selection with Furhoffs’ MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tool

The tool provides comprehensive product information, including images, interactive 3D models for rotation and zooming, dimensions, and technical product properties. Once a product is chosen and configured, users can seamlessly insert it into their design project by using the “Insert” button or download it in DXF format.

“Choosing MagiCAD Manufacturer Services was a logical decision for us, considering our customer base comprises consultants, architects, and builders. With a significant portion of our customers relying on the MagiCAD software, the integration of the MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tool seamlessly links our customizable products to MEP designs,” Peter sums up.

Peter Larsson, Product Manager at Furhoffs

The tool is available in English and Swedish, and it can be accessed directly through Connect or here:

About AB Furhoffs Rostfria

In 1899, Carl Furhoff founded a copper production company in Skövde, Sweden. Transitioning in the 1920s to stainless steel production, the company aimed then, as it does now, to lead in stainless steel innovation. Under successive family generations, the company evolved. Today, with 150 employees led by the fourth generation, it focuses on two main areas: supplying the Nordic market with stainless floor drains and interiors, and providing subcontracting services for stainless steel products domestically and internationally.

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