“MagiCAD Electrical saves us a lot of time”


MagiCAD Group

MEP Design

In which construction projects have you been using this MagiCAD module?

“We use it in all kinds of MEP projects, from small residential buildings to big factories. Almost all our projects today are done with 3D modelling in Revit with MagiCAD,” says Ingólfur Helgason at EFLA.

What advantages/benefits have you gained with the module? Have there been specific time/cost savings you can point out?

“The main benefits in our experience is the database of products and add-ons from suppliers that enables us to import real equipment’s with all relevant information’s attached. The product database is extensive and always growing.”

“It also benefits us to be able to draw everything in 3D and run clash pinpoints between systems, it saves us a lot of time when we can see how equipment fit into spaces of the model; cable trays, lighting, panels etc.”

How long have you used it?

“We started using MagiCAD for Autocad in 2008 and have expanded to Revit over the past years and are mostly using it on Revit nowadays.”

How many team members use it?

“We have around 14 people using MagiCAD Electrical on a regular basis.”

What business practices have improved, and in what way, using MagiCAD?

“MagiCAD has helped us to create better 3D models and moving us into the BIM world.”