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TASE SOLUTIONS® is an authorized MagiCAD distributor in the Benelux countries. They recently set out to find out more about Belgian construction company Les Entreprises Esmer who have experienced regular growth for several years. Interview with BIM manager Jérémy Wattiez.

Could you present Les Entreprises Esmer?

Les Entreprises Esmer is a Brussels based construction company, founded in 2007 by the Esmer brothers. We specialise in building services maintenance, boiler systems, and HVAC system installations. The projects of Esmer are carried out by a team of 110 construction professionals and around 20 other employees. We are class 7 approved for public procurement projects.

Esmer has impressive reference projects. Can you mention some examples?

We have been involved in the Gare du Nord railway station, the new headquarters of BNP Paribas Fortis, nursing home and hotel Delta, the hotel Motel One on Rue Royale, and the Goethe institute. Our residential projects include Chambon with approximately 650 apartments, Tivoli, approximately 450 apartments, Coparty phases I-II-III, approximately 280 apartments, Greenwood phases I-II, approximately 250 apartments, and BHouse Phases I-II, approximately 200 apartments.

What advantages does Esmer offer compared to other companies?

We guarantee our customers excellent quality from construction site preparation through to project execution. This is possible thanks to our own 16-person design team, as well as our skilled construction and installation professionals. We rarely need to use sub-contractors in projects.

What is the role of digital technologies in the company strategy?

We see a real benefit to being at the cutting edge of digital technology because of the productivity and efficiency gains that it brings. Our hardware is efficient and adapted to the requirements of the software that is used. Project files are shared on our own servers and they can be accessed when working remotely. Team leaders are equipped with tablets giving them access to all data even on the move.

To oversee the company’s digital strategy, Esmer has appointed an IT manager who is supported by a BIM manager.

And what is the role of BIM at Esmer?

Companies that were previously working with AutoCAD have made a quick switch to Revit in order to keep up with the evolution of BIM technologies. We feel that this has helped eliminate some issues and has saved time on the construction site, as we have become proficient in the BIM process. With the help of a well-produced model, we can easily check the available space for any location, preview the project before system installation and produce takeoffs and listings from the model.

What solution are you using for BIM objects?

We compared the alternatives on the market and opted for MagiCAD software, which includes a vast BIM object library, as well as powerful complementary tools for Revit. The object search is fast and 60% of our suppliers are in the MagiCAD object library! Thanks to the project templates, it is also possible to preselect components for a project so that designers don’t need to search for them.

Do you also use the calculation and management tools in MagiCAD?

Absolutely. Performing calculations in MagiCAD is much simpler than in Revit. The software also allows us to manage provisions. The latest module we have added is MagiCAD Schematics, which saves us a lot of time when producing schematic diagrams to go along with the 3D model.

You currently have a big project ongoing with RTBF (the public broadcasting organization of the French Community of Belgium). Can you tell us something more about it?

The project, started in 2020 and due to run until 2023, is certainly the biggest project yet where we have used MagiCAD. It has gone very well so far. Overall, the BIM collaboration has been very good in the project, thanks to the client who has been very involved in it.

How do you feel about the cooperation between TASE and Esmer?

Esmer has been a TASE customer for almost ten years. We are very happy with the advice we have received on software and hardware solutions. In addition, the training and support services of TASE help us to continuously develop as they are provided by industry professionals.

In short, our partnership with TASE helps us maintain a high level of knowledge and productivity. This is real added value.

We thank Jérémy for the interview and wish good luck to Esmer!


TASE SOLUTIONS® is an official MagiCAD partner and reseller for BENELUX. BIM Experts since 2004, TASE has developed its technical team with industry professionals from all stages of the design process, and today offers a powerful range of software solutions, as well as services in BIM management and coordination, modelling, and BIM implementation.