“Creating designs which include technical data is much easier with MagiCAD than with other design software”


MagiCAD Group

MEP Design


Based in Turin, Italy, EP&S is a multidisciplinary engineering firm.  EP&S services cover all design disciplines – civil, structural and MEP – in all project phases and construction supervision until project approval. EP&S carries out projects for all types of buildings and facilities, with their reference base ranging from industrial projects and healthcare facilities to cultural heritage sites.

­ “Currently our company, in line with the overall engineering market in Italy, is undergoing a change. More and more engineering firms are turning towards integrated service production, rather than providing a specialised set of services. With integrated design companies in particular, the old process of performing engineering and drawing separately is quickly being replaced by a unified process where both are done simultaneously. MagiCAD provides us with the capability to do this in MEP design”, comments Giorgio Bo, Technical Director at EP&S.

The Solution

EP&S switched to MagiCAD Ventilation and Piping for Revit only six months ago, and they are already seeing the benefits of the software.

­ “Thanks to its highly automated workflows, MagiCAD facilitates our modelers’ design process in many important ways, especially in early-stage design. When combined with the benefits in the later stages, MagiCAD enables us to complete projects considerably faster”, says Giorgio Bo.

­ “As an additional advantage, MagiCAD enables us to create a rough draft of the required MEP systems much earlier than would otherwise be possible. This enables us to examine the project as a whole at a very early stage, which is useful also in terms of budgeting.”

­ “With MagiCAD’s own BIM object database, the design software itself provides us with a large selection of product families and we do not have to search for suitable families separately. This is a great benefit to us and a definite time-saver in our daily work”, Giorgio adds.

­ “In our experience, MagiCAD facilitates the integrated design approach very well. In particular, when coordinating updates and changes with designers from other design disciplines, MagiCAD makes it easier to demonstrate and explain the space requirements of technical rooms, vertical shafts and the heights of the different systems”, Giorgio continues.

­ “We are currently designing MEP systems for an industrial facility, with HVAC, electrical services, plumbing and sprinkler systems. Once again, MagiCAD has been extremely useful when coordinating, for example, building services delivery points, interferences, etc. with engineers who design the layout for the facility’s process equipment.”

­ “To sum it all up, creating designs which include technical data is much easier with MagiCAD than with other design software, enabling considerable time and cost savings. Currently we are developing our design processes using Building Information Modelling methodology and MagiCAD for Revit to integrate thermal, pressure drop and other calculation data into our designs. We believe MagiCAD will be of great help to us in renewing our approach to the entire design process”, Giorgio concludes.