MagiCAD cuts COTEC’s project time in half


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COTEC is a French engineering office founded in 1981. The company has a long history of working with Autodesk AutoCAD and they have recently included some Autodesk Revit-based projects with the help of MagiCAD Electrical, Piping and Ventilation. Mr David Hadzi-Manic is a CAD, BIM, MEP and Coordination Manager for COTEC based in Paris. He agreed to share with us how they have benefited from MagiCAD software.

Mr Hadzi-Manic himself had been a die-hard fan of AutoCAD and originally started out with AutoCAD 2.6 which was on hard disk back in the day! Things evolved quickly, however, and even though recently about 90% of his projects were still AutoCAD-based, there was an increasing need to save time on projects. Using Revit meant changing philosophies at work, and Mr Hadzi-Manic realised he had a huge task in front of him in setting up the templates, creating families, and adapting to the new way of drawing. This is when he turned to his long-trusted partner REFSA for advice.

“I have worked with REFSA since my previous job, so for about 10 years now, and I trust them. They are always in touch with me to ask how they can help, and they have up-to-date industry knowledge. I’ve known their sales team for about 10 years and I can rely on them to keep me up to date.”

Among other projects, at the time Mr Hadzi-Manic was working on housing projects with a lot of details and time-consuming repetitive tasks, so REFSA suggested trying MagiCAD. The features in MagiCAD helped him to double his productivity overall.

“With MagiCAD I was able to double my working speed. I essentially cut my project time in half, which is an immense time saving. There are lots of effective productivity tools in MagiCAD, for example in housing projects it was extremely time-consuming to draw new pipe angles and MagiCAD facilitates this. It is that kind of clever thinking that helps me save about 50% of my total project time.”

“One of the big advantages with MagiCAD, as well as the template you can use immediately, is the development of their object library which includes material that has been verified by the actual manufacturer of those pieces and are directly functional. In case of technical questions their answers come quickly and there is even an option to discuss directly with a specialist”.

Mr Hadzi-Manic is also a respected industry leader in his field and enjoys how his job also enables him to help others. He is active on French BIM forums and his knowledge of MagiCAD allows him to assist others who are facing familiar issues.

“I always recommend MagiCAD to others, because it is totally specialised for MEP. For example, I might see people on forums asking about how to make templates and know there’s a specific tool in MagiCAD that I can suggest to them. It’s all about sharing information. There’s an open-mindedness in our community, which is really important. If you want to progress and grow together, you can’t just keep things for yourself.”

Continuous development is an essential part of Mr Hadzi-Manic’s personal approach. Even with his extensive knowledge of MEP design software, he finds that there is always something new in MagiCAD to discover.

“I just heard about the Clean up and Deliver tool in MagiCAD that allows us to hide manufacturer information when replying to calls of tender. This is a French legal requirement so I’m definitely looking forward to using the feature. We learn something new every day!”



COTEC is a French engineering office founded in 1981. The company manages MEP design and implementation for public and private projects of all sizes. COTEC have used MagiCAD Electrical, Piping and Ventilation for Revit since 2018. For more information about COTEC please visit