REPUS introduces Revit plugin for nozzle ducts and displacement diffusers


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REPUS Ventilation AB is an innovative company that manufactures HVAC ducts and diffusers. REPUS has been MagiCAD Manufacturer Services’ long-term customer with their products available for designers as BIM objects in MagiCAD Cloud and MagiCAD Plugin connecting their product configurator to MagiCAD for AutoCAD. This year, in collaboration with the European Regional Development Fund, REPUS invested in Revit plugin in order to serve MEP designers even better and also add nozzle ducts as new products for the existing plugin.

“We realized that many HVAC engineers use Revit so we wanted to add a plugin for Revit and not limit our offerings solely to MagiCAD. Outside Sweden, Revit is much more common and we want to grow our business in the whole Europe” explains Mattias Kranz, Owner of REPUS.

The new REPUS MagiCAD plugin is Autodesk Revit add-in application and it works with the latest versions of MagiCAD for Revit and standalone Revit. The plugin empowers users to perform ventilation nozzle duct and displacement diffuser sizing and calculations, access product documentation post-sizing, and seamlessly integrate the calculated products as 3D Revit families into their Revit projects. Adding nozzle ducts and air diffusers has never been this easy.

REPUS introduces Revit plugin for nozzle ducts and displacement diffusers

“With the REPUS plugin, the engineers have a good opportunity to optimize and customize the nozzle duct or displacement diffuser. The SFP can substantially be decreased with the REPUS solution” states Mattias Kranz, REPUS.

Download the plugins from MagiCAD Portal.


REPUS Ventilation AB develops, manufactures and markets nozzle ducts and diffusers for the HVAC market. Based in Sweden, the company helps their customers in Europe to optimize diffusers for an optimal indoor climate and energy efficiency. The company is dedicated to enhancing indoor environments, fostering healthier spaces, and revolutionizing the way people experience indoor climates.

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