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MagiCAD plugin for REPUS products enables intelligent product selection routine for REPUS nozzle ducts and displacement diffusers.

The new version of the REPUS MagiCAD plugin supports a new web-based Calculation tool. The plugin contains also new geometry models for DKU, DKR and DKQ products.

The plugin enables intelligent product selection routine where designer has to define the parameters and the software calculates correct size and helps you to choose the right type of the product. The intelligent product selection routine automates works, saves time and reduces calculation errors.

Naturally, the products are intelligent MagiCAD objects containing all the data for calculations, sizing, reports etc.

The REPUS MagiCAD plugin can be found from MagiCAD Plugins tab.






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With 30 years of experience, Repus Ventilation AB develops, manufactures and markets various types of displacement ventilation and customized nozzle ducts. Further information about REPUS products and the MagiCAD plugin for REPUS products can be found on the manufacturer page.

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