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Product Development Engineer Mika Pohjolainen, introduces the new feature in MagiCAD 2022 UR-1 for creating automatic riser diagrams for extra-low voltage (ELV) systems and explains why automatic schematic diagrams save design time and ensure accuracy.


Riser diagrams provide an overall view of system connections throughout the different levels of a building. As such, they are often a required part of electrical design projects, as well as an essential document for the maintenance of electrical distribution systems. However, riser diagrams can also be very time-consuming to create and then edit manually every time a design change takes place during a project.

MagiCAD 2021 introduced automatic main riser diagrams for electrical networks. The riser diagram could be easily created with just a few mouse clicks according to the user settings with automatic linking between the schematic objects and corresponding ones in the model.

In the latest MagiCAD 2022 UR-1 the same feature has been made available for extra-low voltage (ELV) systems. The term ELV covers a wide range of different systems that are not part of the building’s main electrical system, such as data networks and fire security systems.

Four different types of ELV riser schematics can be created: Only hosts and wiring between them; all hosts, devices and wires; all hosts and first and last device of each circuit; or all hosts and each product type from each circuit. Fine-tuning the riser diagram afterwards is easy with the extensive modification tools in MagiCAD Schematics.

Just as with the electrical main riser diagram, all objects in the ELV diagram are linked to corresponding objects in the model. Users can simply define what data should be transferred from the model to the schematic or vice versa, after which the schematic can be kept up-to-date with just a single mouse-click.

Overall, automating the creation and maintenance of schematic diagrams is simply a huge time-saver regardless of project size and helps ensure accuracy in the final product.