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As the European governments are taking severe measures to slow down the spread of COVID-19, we at MagiCAD Group are doing our part to protect our employees and support our customers through this time. Delivering the same high level of quality and support that our customers have come to except remains our highest priority along with ensuring the health and safety of our employees.

We have for a long time maintained a flexible work policy and our employees can seamlessly transition and are encouraged to work remotely. Most of our personnel are already working remotely for the next few weeks. All face-to-face meetings and workshops are conducted remotely and there will be no work travelling during the coming weeks. This will mean online meetings and calls rather than face to face meetings.

The development of our products and services is unaffected and will continue to operate normally and at normal capacity. No disruption to any of MagiCAD’s businesses is anticipated. All customer meetings will continue as previously agreed but remotely.

We will also do our best to minimise the potential of spreading the virus by carefully evaluating the possibilities for conducting web-based, live MagiCAD trainings. All face to face sessions, such as multi-company trainings, however, have been postponed for now.

We are doing our best to keep our personnel safe and healthy, however, in case our employees are affected by COVID-19, there is a risk for delays in the delivery of some projects. In such cases, we will inform our customers immediately.

We are carefully monitoring the corona virus situation and will follow the guidelines and recommendations of the authorities in each country where we operate. We have taken our social responsibility seriously and are making the necessary changes right away to overcome this common challenge.

I am confident that if we maintain our focus, take proper precautions and keep our mindset up, we will come out of this even stronger together.


Jukka Nyman




Jukka Nyman
Managing Director
MagiCAD Group Oy