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We are delighted to welcome a new manufacturer brand to MagiCAD Cloud, PtSystem. Pelltec is a Swedish manufacturer that provides a complete range of environmentally friendly bioheat energy solutions within industrial and agricultural buildings, commercial buildings, and residential sector. PtSystem is their brand for efficient and reliable heating solutions. PtSystem joins MagiCAD Cloud with a fan coil heater PtAero EC and its six size variants.

HVAC designers understand the importance of providing reliable and efficient heating solutions. PtSystem offers energy-efficient products that reduce operating costs, quiet fans for a comfortable working environment, and robust, durable products for long-lasting performance.

PtAero EC is an air heater unit with an EC fan. It is designed to heat and filter air in the indoor environment in industrial halls, warehouses, sports facilities, workshops, and smaller establishments. HVAC designers should know that PtAero EC is available in these different sizes: 22, 23, 32, 33, 42, and 43. The first digit represents the size of the air heater, and the second digit represents the number of rows with heating coils. The EC fan is more efficient and consumes less power than a regular AC fan. The PtSystem products are available for MagiCAD for AutoCAD, MagiCAD for BricsCAD, and MagiCAD for Revit users. The BIM objects for PtSystem, like all new MEP objects on MagiCAD Cloud, have been modeled to support MagiCAD’s Level of Detail (LOD). This means that the BIM object has varying levels of detail to support the different design phases.

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About PtSystem

PtSystem was founded with a vision to offer reliable and energy efficient heating solutions for plumbers and plumbing technicians. They understand the importance of creating a pleasant indoor environment while contributing to a sustainable future. PtSystem is owned by Pelltec AB, which is a family-owned company based in the small town of Ljungby in Småland, Sweden. The company has a long history and was founded in 1975.