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We are delighted to inform you that HVAC brand System Vatette has joined MagiCAD Cloud with a database of water distributor components.

System Vatette’s background contains generations of experience. Vatette originates in Vårgårda Armatur, which was founded in 1920 to manufacture cranes in Vårgårda, near Gothenburg in Sweden. In 1974, Vårgårda Armatur introduced Vatette clamp ring fitting to the Swedish market, marking it as the beginning of the journey for the Vatette brand. Vårgårda Armatur was acquired by Gustavsberg in 1987. Gustavsberg has been making porcelain since 1825 and it is a well-known manufacturer of smart and environmentally friendly bathroom solutions with a Nordic design. In 2000, a German bathroom manufacturer Villeroy & Boch became the new owner of Gustavsberg Vårgårda Armatur. Villeroy & Boch was founded already in 1748.

Today, Vatette products are manufactured in the same factory in Vårgårda where it was established a hundred years ago, but their product development has gone lightyears forward.

System Vatette offers a complete product range for plumbing installers. It consists of fittings, ball valves, and wall mounting systems. Vatette’s philosophy is to utilize components flexibly and therefore reduce items in the warehouse. For example, couplings, ball valves, and manifolds share common components, which then reduces the total number of products. Many products can also be easily and smoothly rebuilt and adapted for different pipe types.

Vatette wall manifold V6 offers a solution for tap water distribution without expensive and space-consuming wall cabinets. The possibilities for building custom manifolds with Vatette’s components are almost endless. To facilitate the design and calculation, Vatette has developed typical solutions that can be built from their standard products. The solutions are now available as ready-made BIM objects in MagiCAD.

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About Villeroy & Boch Gustavsberg

Villeroy & Boch Gustavsberg’s head office is located on Värmdö outside Stockholm, and they have production and assembly facilities in Gustavsberg and in Vårgårda. In addition, there are sales offices around the Nordic and Baltic countries. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the German group Villeroy & Boch and thus belongs to one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of bathroom fittings.


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