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Thermia is a world leader in heat pump technology. They have been producing innovative heating solutions for more than 90 years, and focus on developing and producing heat pump systems for heating, hot water and cooling. Thermia was established in Sweden in 1923. It is still the center for production, and research and development for the company, which is now part of the German Stiebel Eltron Group. We are delighted to welcome Thermia to MagiCAD Cloud. Thermia’s products in the MagiCAD Cloud include Thermia Mega heat pumps, water heaters, and volume tanks.

Thermia Mega is a geothermal heat pump available in four output sizes: 10-33 kW, 11-44 kW, 14-59 kW and 21-88 kW. It is possible to connect up to sixteen machines to achieve up to 1400 kW. Thermia Mega is an all-in-one solution for heating, hot water and cooling for large commercial and public buildings. It includes smart technologies that enable up to 80% reductions in energy consumption. Its inverter technology adjusts the heat pump’s output to real-time demand. This means that it can combine large heating demand with smaller hot water demand, and vice versa, regardless of season. Another great example of its outstanding technologies is an unique method of producing hot water. With that, when the building is being heated, hot water is available at a very low cost. In addition, simultaneous heating and cooling feature of Mega enables one room being cooled down and the excess heat removed to be re-used to produce hot water elsewhere.


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