MagiCAD Piping Gas system design and calculation

Gas system design and calculation

Design and calculate natural gas systems.

• Design with gas specific parts
• Perform sizing and pressure calculation
• Produce gas calculation reports

MagiCAD enables comprehensive design of natural gas networks. The piping module includes gas-specific parts, including gas valves, gas taps and gas meters enabling the design of gas-powered water heating. The module also has gas connector support for heating and cooling plant products.

The Gas sizing and pressure calculation function allows calculation of gas flows, pressure levels, and system part sizing in natural gas networks. The calculation guidelines, such as pressure losses in fittings and limits for pressure levels, follow the CIBSE standard.

Users can define a power and design pressure level for gas outlets, a gas type and a pressure level at the network inlet. The gas calculation then performs network sizing based on the values to ensure required pressure levels at the gas outlets. There is also an optional flow diversity setting for controlling the dimensioning flow in the network.

Users can also produce gas calculation reports based on the results. The reports can edited to try out different alternatives and further adjust the system, for example, by locking the sizes of selected pipes and updating the calculation results. Sizing results and calculation data can be updated directly to the model.