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MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer Sprinkler calculation standards for Revit

Sprinkler calculation standards for Revit

Calculate sprinkler systems in Revit according to local sprinkler calculation standards

  • Local calculation standards
  • Fully integrated calculations

MagiCAD supports a wide range of fully integrated sprinkler calculation standards. All calculations are performed within the Revit environment without a need to use external software.

The following sprinkler calculation standards are available for the Revit platform:

  • AS2118
  • BS 9251:2014
  • CEA 4001
  • GB50084-2017
  • EN 12845
  • EN 16925
  • MS 1910:2006
  • NFPA-13
  • NFPA-15
  • CP 52:2004
  • SES-Richtlinie 01.0.2018-d
  • UNI 10779