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MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer Sprinkler reports

Sprinkler reports

Detailed calculation reports provide information on sprinkler system performance

  • View detailed sprinkler calculation reports and adjust system from the report
  • Match calculation data with printed drawings
  • Examine performance of sprinkler system and individual sprinklers

When a sprinkler calculation has been performed, you can view a complete calculation report, perform resizing, and make adjustments directly from the report.

MagiCAD assigns node numbers automatically to sprinklers and other nodes, such as t-branches and places where pipe size changes. Node numbering makes it easy to match the calculation data in the reports with printed drawings.

Calculation reports provide you with the following information on the sprinkler system and its individual sprinklers:

  • Identification of the four weakest sprinkler heads and their average density
  • Actual flow density for each sprinkler head
  • Required system pressure based on the most hydraulically remote area
  • Calculations of systems with fire hydrants connected directly to the sprinkler network
  • Operating point on the pump curve
  • Theoretical operating point on the system curve
  • Identification of the weakest sprinkler head