Supports & Hangers
MagiCAD Supports Hangers Standard and manufacturer support and hanger components

Standard and manufacturer support and hanger components

Easily find the optimal support and hanger component for any design situation

  • Select from a library of standard and manufacturer components
  • Define multi-layer, multi-column and multi-host hangers
  • Filter selection to easily identify optimal solution

MagiCAD provides a library of both standard and manufacturer support and hanger components. The available support and hanger products can be filtered by system type, bracing subpart, root, and subpart replacement. This enables you to easily find a suitable solution for each situation.

The available components also include multi-layer and multi-column hangers and multi-host hangers. Multi-layer and multi-column hangers are suited for mounting several MEP systems horizontally or vertically in a single suspension element. Multi-host hangers enable a single hanger to be attached to multiple different structural objects depending on the circumstance and the need for additional support.