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We are happy to introduce updated selection tool from Tovenco. Tovenco MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tool allows users to configure and calculate Tovenco kitchen hoods. The selection tool is integrated to MagiCAD with MagiCAD Connect which allows users to insert configured kitchen hoods directly into MagiCAD and Revit projects.

The user can select the details and the required properties of the hood. Once the configuration is done, the selected hood can be inserted directly into a drawing. Additionally, the user can export a PDF print-out of the configured hood.

MagiCAD Connect application is part of standard MagiCAD installation. For standard Revit users the MagiCAD Connect is available at Autodesk app store or at our MagiCAD portal free of charge.

See the on-line version here:

About Tovenco

Tovenco established 1972, supplies kitchen hoods for housing and ventilation solutions for commercial kitchens. The wide range of products gives the user the possibility to choose both capacity and appearance of a particular kitchen hood, fitted with different type of filters and uv/ozone air cleaning.

Tovenco offers their customers the opportunity to ensure a good indoor and outdoor environment. With high expertise and long experience, Tovenco provide their customers with standard or customized products suitable for particular project.

Tovenco is proud to release Tovenco selection tool through MagiCAD connect created by Tovenco in cooperation with MagiCAD. With the customer in focus, Tovenco selection tool will simplify every project. Tovenco selection tool allows the customer to quickly and efficiently configure their ventilation system.

In addition, Tovenco also has a wide selection of kitchen hoods for housing available at MagiCAD and MagiCAD Cloud on-line BIM library.

About MagiCAD Connect

MagiCAD Connect is an efficient add-on software for searching, viewing and inserting manufacturer products from MagiCAD Cloud directly into MagiCAD for AutoCAD and Revit, as well as into standard Revit projects. When installing MagiCAD Connect, Revit users can insert free of charge a selected portion of MagiCAD Cloud’s BIM objects in native Revit RFA format.

In addition, MagiCAD Connect provides access to MagiCAD’s Selection Tools. These are web applications that help users to select and configure complex manufacturer products. Once the desired product has been configured, it can be inserted directly into the MagiCAD or Revit project as a BIM object with correct technical information.