Vallauri Technical School in Italy Acquires 100 New MagiCAD Educational Licenses and Includes MagiCAD in its Curriculum


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The G. Vallauri Technical School offers training courses in Mechanics, Mechatronics and Energy, Electronics and Electrotechnics, Computer Sciences and Telecommunications, Finance and Tourism marketing. The 100 new MagiCAD licenses will be used in the laboratories of Energy Systems’ Design and Planning for teaching in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) discipline. “Each student will be given an individual license to install on their desktop. They can work on civil and industrial projects independently to further deepen and consolidate the use of the software,” says Gianpaolo Maiolo, a lecturer at G. Vallauri who teaches MagiCAD.

At the end of the course, the students will enter a state examination and will obtain a diploma as qualified mechanical experts with specific expertise in the field of energy. “We teach Autodesk Revit in the course of study dedicated to Systems,” says Gianpaolo. “MagiCAD is taught over the last two years of the training program, as to gain practical and professional knowledge that can be used when they embark on a career,” he adds.

In Italy today, Revit and MagiCAD for Revit are not yet as widely used as AutoCAD. However, over the recent years, both due to regulatory obligations and technological and methodological progress in plant design, the use of BIM and in particular of Revit and its MEP Plugin, MagiCAD for Revit, are taking a stronghold.

Gianpaoplo explains: “As a school, we have chosen to train our students the skills that will be needed in their work-life. We strongly trust that BIM is the future in construction and this is why we are introducing them to Revit MEP and to MagiCAD. We intend to train future designers who are capable to apply new skills to the work environment, dispelling the myth that schools offer the students knowledge, abilities and competencies that are not in line with the current technologies.”

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