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Viega’s story began back in 1899 when Franz-Anselm Viegener founded this family-owned company to produce beer taps that were sold to local breweries and taverns. The product range was soon expanded to drain fittings and later to copper pipe connecting elements. Today, Viega has become an internationally operating market leader with a wide range of products covering the entire installation technology sector. Viega is committed in developing products and technologies that save resources and improve the quality of life.

Many of Viega’s products have been available for MagiCAD for Revit and plain Revit for many years. We are happy to announce that Viega is now enlarging their product portfolio at MagiCAD Cloud.

The new products at the MagiCAD Cloud include Viega Smartpress fittings that can be used in drinking water and in heating installations. They are available in different versions in dimensions 16 to 63 mm. The consistently flow-optimised connectors allow for smaller dimensioning of the drinking water installation thanks to their optimum part geometry. Viega Smartpress comes with SC-Contur. It is a brilliant example of Viega’s technological achievement. The SC-Contur enables inadvertently unpressed connections to be immediately recognised when performing a leakage test.

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