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Wibe Group’s roots date back to late 1920s when the founders of Wibe, Mr Wikstrand and Mr Berg, realized the advantages of using a ladder for carrying cabling. Wibe was for long an integrated part of Schneider Electric. Today, Wibe Group is an independent business operation with production and sales offices with more than 300 employees in 10 European countries.

Cables are the spinal cord of modern buildings where systems such as HVAC, lighting control, fire detection and suppression, security, and communications are more important than ever. Cable support system is as essential for the building’s infrastructure as the bone structure is for the body. Wibe Group provides this structure with a product range that has grown to include a vast number of ladders, trays and accessories suitable for a variety of applications and environments.

We are glad to announce that Wibe has now published cable ladders portfolio for MagiCAD for Revit and plain Revit. The first products published at MagiCAD Cloud include a selection of cable ladders and cable routes. Wibe is known as the inventor of the original hexagonal steel ladder. The Wibe cable ladders enable the same ladder to be used both horizontally and vertically. The high performing cable ladder system is suitable for light, medium and heavy-duty installations for the routing of power, data and control cables.

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Wibe Group has nearly a 100-year-long history of continuous development. Today they are in a new and exciting development phase with renewed vigor and a desire to show what they can do together with their customers. With their four strong brands Wibe, Stago, Mita and Defem, they offer a complete, innovative range of cable ladders, cable trays and mesh trays – for applications ranging from commercial buildings to extreme demanding industrial environments. Wibe Group operates under the wings of Swedish investment group Storskogen and it is headquartered in Mora, Sweden.

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