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Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG is specialized in the production and sale of assembly and fastening materials introducing over 125,000 products which all conform to Würth’s stringent quality standards. Würth screws, bolts, screw accessories, anchors, chemical products, furniture and building fittings, tools, storage and retrieval systems and personal protective equipment are highly appreciated by the professionals worldwide.

“We want to make our customers’ work easier by providing individual services, practical system solutions and an extensive range of products”

“Construction site project management is characterized by the complete mentoring of large construction projects. Our focus is clearly on ensuring full service on the construction site—from planning to completion. Thanks to the technical affinity and qualification of our sales engineers, we can offer our customers high-quality consulting services for fastening and fire protection solutions. For the “just in time” supply of our products on the construction site, we offer our customers the possibility to handle and organize their construction site logistics along with the delivery and storage of our products via the BAULOC ® service. Fastening systems for technical building equipment are planned by our technical in-house staff individually for each building and are then delivered prefabricated to the construction site. This service saves our customers costly assembly work and valuable time.”

The first set of Würth fastening system products now available at MagiCAD

With the latest release of MagiCAD Support and Hangers we are proud to introduce the first exclusive start with Würth products essential for construction work. The published set of the Würth offering consists of 24 product variants to choose from in order to fasten your systems firmly and safely.

By providing BIM objects of their products Würth wants to reach and serve their customers the way they require, digitally. Hans Peter Trehkopf, the head of construction site project management at Würth, highlights the importance and advantages of digitalization:

“During the age of digitalization, it is essential that our company Würth provides their customers with intelligent, digital components. It enables a remarkable boost in efficiency and accuracy – not only in the planning but also in the execution phase.

We at Würth will continue developing our digital availability also in the future. This is the basis for optimizing the design with modularization and taking the construction to a whole new dimension.”


Browse Würth products in MagiCAD Cloud and stay tuned for upcoming additions from Würth.


About Würth

For over 70 years the Würth brand has been one of the leading quality brands for assembly technology. Through its clear focus on professional users and a strict orientation towards quality and service Würth has become a synonym for quality and reliability in over 80 countries. With pioneering distribution and logistics solutions, Würth inspires over 3.9 million customers in trade, construction and industry all over the world and is always close them. As a family business, Würth supports the arts, sports and social projects with heart and passion. Read more at:

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