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B Meters Nordic launches BIM object database for smart metering on MagiCAD Cloud

B Meters Nordic launches BIM object database for smart metering on MagiCAD Cloud

We are delighted to welcome a new manufacturer brand, B Meters Nordic, on MagiCAD Cloud. B Meters Nordic is a leading provider of cutting-edge water and energy metering solutions in Sweden. They have recently published water metering BIM object database to better serve HVAC designers in the Nordics.

In Sweden, a new law and regulation came into effect in 2022, ushering significant changes in individual apartment metering. The legislation mandates Individual Metering and Debiting (IMD) for heating in underperforming multi-occupancy buildings, while making IMD for hot water mandatory in all new multi-occupancy constructions. The updated regulations include provisions for remote reading capabilities, cost allocation mechanisms, and the dissemination of energy consumption data to residents. This is where smart metering and remote reading systems come into play.

B Meters Nordic’s BIM object database includes Hydrolink devices and displays, water metering valves, meters, and sensors. The Hydrolink water metering systems can be Hydrolink Air, a wireless water metering system for apartment-level water metering, or Hydrolink Line, which is a fixed network water metering system. Both are connected to enhanced remote reading systems, HYDROLINK Online, which empower property managers to monitor consumption patterns effectively. Similarly, residents can track their usage through the My Hydrolink service, accessible via web browser or mobile app. This real-time information facilitates informed decision-making, enabling both property managers and residents to adopt more sustainable consumption practices.

B Meters Nordic’s BIM objects are available for MagiCAD for AutoCAD, MagiCAD for BricsCAD, and MagiCAD for Revit.

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B Meters Nordic

About B Meters Nordic AB

B Meters Nordic AB is Sweden’s leading company that specialises in water metering, remote reading systems and related services. B Meters manufactures more than 2.5 million units annually, solidifying its position as a significant player in the market. B Meters and Koka Oy have co-operated for decades to become experts in water metering in their respective markets.