MagiCAD used in the ventilation and piping design of Gothenburg’s new hotel and office project


MagiCAD Group

MEP Design

Company: PE Teknik & Arkitektur AB
Project: Kvarteret Platinan
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Schedule: 2016-2022
MagiCAD modules: MagiCAD Ventilation and MagiCAD Piping for Revit

The hotel and office project Kvarteret Platinan (“Platinum Quarter”) in Gothenburg, Sweden, is expected to be completed in 2022. The extensive project includes a total area of 60,000 square meters with 17 floors above ground and one floor below ground.

The hotel, operated by Scandic, will have general areas on the first four floors and hotel rooms on the first eight. The 14th floor will feature the hotel’s suites, along with a sky bar and terrace. In total the hotel will include 25 000 square meters and the remaining floors of the building will be used as offices.

PE Teknik & Arkitektur AB was responsible for the ventilation and piping design for Kvarteret Platinan, with sub-consultants used for climate and energy calculations and sprinkler design.

Improved features with MagiCAD update

The project team started the design work with MagiCAD Ventilation and Piping for Revit 2016. However, the software licenses were recently upgraded to MagiCAD 2020 UR-2, which gave them access to the latest updates and new features. According to Johan Melin, plumbing consultant at PE, the update to MagiCAD 2020 managed to improve the existing and already effective MagiCAD functions.

Overall, the design functions that MagiCAD offers were, as always, very useful“, says Melin.

MagiCAD is used in the project for everything from collision control and modeling to pressure drop and sound calculations.

The Revit model had to be divided into four smaller models due to the large scale of the project, explains MSc Jasmina Santic from PE Teknik & Arkitektur. The model of the building was divided in half with separate piping and ventilation models created for floors 1-8 and for floors 9-18. This helped make the models easier to handle and faster to work with.

Johan Melin highlights the MagiCAD Sheet Manager as a particularly helpful feature in the Kvarteret Platinan project.

At the start we received ready-made sheets for the project, which covered the general drawings and partial drawings on all levels. When we needed to create additional sheets for, among other things, sections and subsystems, we previously used Revit’s functionality, which meant that we then had to name the sheets and add views and legends for explanations

With the Sheet Manager, it is possible to copy an existing sheet, including the correct views, drawing name and legend. In a project consisting of approximately 600 drawings, this was a big advantage.

The Sheet Manager is a big plus when handling many drawings”, Melin continues.

Although the project had to be divided into four smaller Revit models, MagiCAD for Revit proved to be a flexible solution when working with multiple models”, concludes Melin.

MagiCAD for Revit automates many time-consuming MEP design tasks, such as creating and adjusting standard connections, crossings and elevations. The software enables models to include product dimensions, air velocities, pressure drops, sound levels and other information needed for a good BIM workflow. With all this information at hand, users can make accurate calculations and trust the results. You will already know in the drawing stage that the design works as intended.