Energy-efficiency experts Enerz Oy reduce the carbon footprint of buildings with help from MagiCAD


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Energy-efficiency is the topic of the day for many building owners, system designers, as well as building habitants. Increased requirements for new construction and the re-evaluation of energy use in existing buildings have resulted in a constant demand for better energy-efficiency.

In our latest customer reference story, CEO and co-founder Rene Zidbeck and Design Manager Toni Myllyniemi from Enerz Oy share their insights on energy-efficient design and succesful optimization projects. The company has accumulated expertise on all the different facets of optimization projects from system design and programming to installation and monitoring.

Building automation is a key part of optimizing energy use in existing buildings and the biggest savings are often achieved through the introduction of intelligent system operations. ”We have managed to cut energy-use by over 50% in some of our projects simply by installing intelligent sensors and then programming the building services to run based on demand,” explains Toni.

Enerz is currently helping Finland’s largest shopping center, Ideapark, take a concrete step towards a sustainable future through a large optimization project. ”Heating energy use in the shopping center will be reduced considerably with the implementation of an intelligent demand-controlled system. This requires us to install new sensors throughout the shopping center,” says Toni.

Enerz have used MagiCAD for AutoCAD in many of their design and optimization projects. Consequently, they have formed a clear understanding of the key functions in the software for their own work and for energy-efficiency in general. ”Our work requires a design software with good tools for schematic diagrams, 3D modelling, and sizing and MagiCAD has supported our work in the best possible way,” summarises Rene.

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