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The GCE Group is Europe’s leading company in the field of gas control and it is involved in the development and manufacturing of all types of equipment for pressure and flow control of high pressure gases. The company has an extensive product range to serve their industrial, medical, and high purity customers.

GCE Healthcare products range from medical gas regulators and oxygen concentrators to resuscitation and hospital ward equipment used in emergency, hospital and homecare environments. GCE Norden AB joins MagiCAD Cloud with medical terminal units that are specially designed for the medical environment to provide a quick and easy connection of hospital ward gas equipment to the hospital gas source.

The new BIM objects at MagiCAD Cloud support the level of detail (LOD), so users can choose the preferable detail level in the geometry model. The LOD serves different phases in BIM project design from a placeholder in early stages to a detailed product geometry in later stages. High-quality MagiCAD BIM objects are small in size even with in-built LOD functionality.

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