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Finnish HVAC manufacturer Gebwell designs and manufactures high-quality ground source heat pumps, accumulator tanks, district heating substations, and fire hydrant cabinets. Gebwell joins MagiCAD Cloud with a selection of their newest heat pumps and water tanks.

Gebwell’s heating solutions for commercial and industrial properties include district heating and ground source heating. Gebwell prides themselves as a company whose intelligent products can be enjoyed with a clear conscience. Clean heat is Gebwell’s way to battle against climate change. In addition to environmental aspects, one of Gebwell’s in-house product development team’s goals is the ease of installation and use of their products.

Gebwell’s newest products are now available as BIM objects in MagiCAD Cloud. Gemini Inverter, T3 Inverter, Taurus Inverter Pro, and Taurus EVI heat pumps as well as G-Energy water tanks have been modelled as intelligent BIM objects to allow designers to choose Gebwell’s solutions for MEP design projects.

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