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Warm welcome to MagiCAD Cloud for IVT Värmepumpar. Based in Tranås, Sweden, IVT has been developing heat pumps for over 40 years. In addition to technical development of their products and new innovations, IVT is keen to help their customers to choose the right heating solution and share their knowledge on what is the most economical and environmentally friendly solution in each case.

IVT is on board with digitalization with IVT Anywhere, the smart phone control system for heat pumps published already in 2012. Now, the company publishes a broad selection of their products as intelligent BIM objects. By joining MagiCAD Cloud, IVT can market their products already for design phase when many product selections in construction projects are made.

IVT’s products at MagiCAD Cloud include heat pumps, water tanks, and electrical heaters. IVT Geo is a fascinating heat pump series because it can be adapted to each building with its flexible sizing from 20 to 80 kW. With exactly the right size and flexible connection possibilities yet high efficiency, it can save costs in initial investment and later in lifecycle due to optimal energy usage.

IVT’s BIM objects come with adjustable levels of details (LOD). LOD describes the geometry detail level of components in BIM model. Read more about LOD here.

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IVT Värmepumpar

About IVT Värmepumpar

IVT Värmepumpar’s promise is to deliver products for a comfortable and environmentally friendly indoor climate. They have been developing heat pumps for Nordic climate in Tranås, Sweden, since 1970. Since 2005, IVT Värmepumpar has been owned by Bosch Thermoteknik AB.

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