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One of our core values at MagiCAD is ‘Stay ahead of the game’. This is particularly true when it comes to software development. The long development history of MagiCAD attests to a continuous effort to develop advanced features and to incorporate technological innovations.

At the same time, the impact of this value extends beyond our development team. Behind it lies a focus on developing for the customer, an effort to improve the everyday work experience of MagiCAD users with every new release.

So how exactly are we keeping customers ahead of the game?

We currently release three versions of MagiCAD each year, one main release and two update releases. However, the update releases should not be seen as minor ones. In fact, they sometimes afford developers more freedom to truly focus on particular customer needs, as MagiCAD Product Development Manager Mikael Ekenberg explains:

“The main release, always done a couple of months after Autodesk have released their new versions of AutoCAD and Revit, is to make sure that MagiCAD software is compatible with the new platforms. The release, of course, also contains a lot of new functionality as well as fixes and improvements to already introduced features. The update releases should not be underestimated or seen as smaller releases. In fact, their value to customers might be even greater than with the main release, since we don’t have to spend time working on platform compatibility”, explains Mikael

The benefits to users from this busy release schedule are evident in the form of up-to-date software and immediate access to the latest features.

“By releasing three times a year we are able to respond to market requirements faster. At the same time it gives us flexibility to make needed production changes without unnecessary delivery delay time”, Mikael says.

Developing with the customer in mind also means responding to customer needs accurately and quickly.

“For each release, we add completely new functionalities based on requests from our users, as well as according to our development plan. We also improve existing functionalities based on usage feedback. In case of extensive features we may go with a step by step implementation in order to get the benefit to customers as early as possible. Of course, we also continuously resolve bugs and other possible glitches in striving to always offer the best possible user experience and quality with our products”, concludes Mikael.

In short, by staying ahead of the game we are also keeping our customers ahead of the game.

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