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Among the highlights of MagiCAD 2020 for Revit is compatibility with Autodesk BIM 360 Design. But what exactly is BIM 360 Design and what is the significance of this compatibility for MagiCAD users?

What is BIM 360 Design?

BIM 360 Design is a real-time cloud worksharing, design collaboration and data management product for Revit projects. It enables project parties across a company or across multiple companies to co-author a Revit model in real-time.

BIM 360 Design is part of Autodesk’s larger BIM project platform, Autodesk BIM 360, which has products covering the entire project lifecycle from the conceptual stage to discipline-specific design, to construction, and finally maintenance. The common thread throughout the BIM 360 concept is that all project data is stored and accessed in a common platform and all project parties are connected through a single solution.

By removing geographical and timezone limitations, Autodesk’s BIM 360 Design platform expands the possibilities for putting together design teams for Revit projects. It provides a work environment where the project is accessible for all stakeholders at any time.

How does MagiCAD fit into BIM 360 Design?

One of the great benefits of MagiCAD is the possibility to connect all model files in a project to one common dataset. The dataset file functions as a central project file that ensures that the same settings and standards are used in model files and that design teams are working according to shared modeling guidelines.

In MagiCAD 2020 for Revit, this functionality has been further developed so that users will retain all the benefits of working with a dataset also in the cloud-based workflow of BIM 360 Design. MagiCAD datasets were previously handled as separate files, but in MagiCAD 2020 the dataset files can be embedded inside a Revit project file.

What this means is that Revit’s own file synchronisation features then distribute and synchronise the MagiCAD dataset file in the same way as other file changes. For example, if a design manager adds a new product to be used, Revit will deliver this change to all modelers regardless of their model file.

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