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The new MagiCAD version for Revit and AutoCAD is now available for download. Click here for new features.

MagiCAD 2023 UR-2 webinars

MagiCAD 2023 UR-2 for AutoCAD – New features
Thu, Mar 16, 2023 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM EET

MagiCAD 2023 UR-2 for Revit – New features
Thu, Mar 22, 2023 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM EET

Autodesk Revit compatibility

MagiCAD 2023 UR-2 for Revit is compatible with Revit 2023.1, as well as Revit 2019-2022. Please note that Revit 2023 is not supported.

When using Revit 2023, the software platform must be updated to Revit 2023.1 or later before installing MagiCAD 2023 UR-2 for Revit.

MagiCAD 2023 Update Release 2 for Revit – Highlights

  • Updated Selection Filter tool
  • Batch export of Bill of Materials reports
  • Calculate minimum water tank size for sprinkler systems
  • Fixed and scalable sizing options for sprinkler symbols
  • Easy sorting of schematic symbols with label-based filtering
  • Improved Merge Parameters and Mark Link Status tools in Schematics
  • Improved data exchange workflow between MagiCAD and Building Performance Simulation tools
  • Adjust collar length of floor gullies
  • Calculation and sizing of ventilation systems with reducing bends
  • Support for Spanish UNE 149201:2017/DB-HS4 domestic water calculation standard
  • Ignore dampers in extended flow analysis report
  • Mark distribution areas with panel border arrows
  • Clash checking and clearance analysis based on object status
  • Improvements to Provision for Builderswork Openings

MagiCAD 2023 Update Release 2 for AutoCAD – Highlights

  • Maintain vertical distances between segments in Multi crossing
  • Improved definition and overview of provisions
  • Ignore dampers in extended flow analysis report
  • Manufacturer distribution boxes
  • Detailed radiator valve and thermostat adjustment
  • Change values for multiple building objects simultaneously in MagiCAD Room
  • Corrected IFC import of walls in MagiCAD Room
  • Use MagiCAD for AutoCAD to create switchboard schematics for Revit projects
  • Flip dimension texts and circuit symbols after changing coordinate systems
  • Improved Automatic Text function
  • Positioning options for automatic texts without reference lines


MagiCAD enables MEP design using Europe’s largest product model database, featuring over 1,000,000 actual products and product variants from 300 leading manufacturers across the world. Each model within the database comes complete with accurate dimensions and comprehensive technical data. MagiCAD offers localisation for different country-specific standards, and it is used by contractors and designers in projects in over 80 countries across the world.

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