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Molins Rostfria was founded in 1911 and it has been producing plumbing products and stainless steel kitchen equipment since the 1950s. The company is now reaping the benefits of the digital era by providing some of their products as BIM objects for MEP designers.

Having BIM object portfolio at the largest MEP platform in the world is an easy way to be at the heart of digital building design. With MagiCAD Cloud, the MEP manufacturers can reach thousands of design firms using AutoCAD or Revit.

For Molins Rostfria, quality is the key. They combine good functionality with high-quality products. The main products that Molins Rostfria manufactures from stainless steel include commercial kitchen equipment, sinks, floor drains, and floor gutters. The floor drains and floor gutters are now available as high-quality BIM objects.

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