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Roxtec specializes in the development and manufacturing of cable and pipe seals. Their products are designed to seal cable and pipe penetrations in order to protect from multiple hazards including fire, water, gas, dust, vibrations, electro-magnetic disturbances, vermin, and the risk of explosion. Roxtec serves a large customer base in 80 countries.

Roxtec has recently joined MagiCAD Cloud with penetration seals for pipes and cables. They are striving to make it easy for their customers to find, design and use their products, and they have been providing BIM files in different file formats for several years. By listening customer feedback, Roxtec identified MagiCAD as an important channel to reach their customers and help them to design projects with Roxtec products.

The product library includes BIM objects with geometrical Level of Detail (LOD). LOD serves different phases in BIM project design as in early stages only a box shape is enough to showcase the approximate space requirement and location while in later stages more detailed product geometry is needed. MagiCAD BIM objects are high-quality objects and small in size despite of having in-built LOD functionality.


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